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Administrative Staff

Dean of the Faculty HASHIMOTO Fumio
Dean of the Graduate School HASHIMOTO Fumio
Dean of The Graduate School of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries HASHIMOTO Fumio
Vice-Dean. KITAHARA Kanefumi
Vice-Dean. TSUDA Katsuo
Vice-Dean. TERAOKA Yukio
Head of the Dept. of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources YUTAKA Tomoyuki
Head of the Dept. of Food Science and Biotechnology TAKAMINE Kazunori
Head of the Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Technology NISHINO Yoshihiko
Director of Experimental Farms YAMAMOTO Masashi
Director of Experimental Forests HIRATA Kunihiro
Director of Education and Research Center for Fermentation Studies TAKAMINE Kazunori
Dean of the United Graduate School MOMII Kazuro
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