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Message from Dean


Dean, Faculty of Agriculture


The world food problem urgently needs to be solved, as such complications involved in Japan in the activation of domestic agricultural villages or mountain farmers, improving our food self-sufficiency rate, ensuring the food safety and security, environmentally symbiosis in which the human coexisting with nature, and so on. Meanwhile, accelerating policies to strengthen industrial competitiveness of agriculture and forestry such as with the improvement of work efficiency and labor productivity by utilizing the artificial intelligence as well as the information and communications technology of transferred data according to the skilled techniques of farmers, it is required to train human resources having expertized knowledge and talented ability to solve the important problems regarding to agriculture and its related sciences. At Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University, locating as of the eminent food base in Japan, focused on field education based on the background of the variety of natural environment extending from temperate zone to subtropical of 600 km north to south, the students receive by training in the sophisticated educational courses with rich sense of humanity, practical abilities and applied talents in the field, broad vision and international sense, rich creativeness towards a new era, specifically, in the research and educational areas such as for the development of agriculture, forestry and livestock products and food production technology, elucidation and application of biological functions, securing food safety, conservation and restoration of natural ecosystem as well as the activation of domestic agricultural villages or mountain farmers. From fiscal year of 2019 in April, both the Faculty of Fisheries and the Faculty of Agriculture of Kagoshima University will be united to establish the same graduate school, calling the new Graduate School of ‘Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’. The purpose of research and education in this new Graduate School is to award degrees to students who have advanced expertise in agronomy, plant production science, animal science, local business, forestry, fisheries science, thus developing human resources that can contribute to the regional areas as well as talents active to the world. This brochure is an overview of the organization and the educational research of our faculty and graduate school. It also gives an overview of our off-campus research and educational facilities, Experimental Farm and Experimental Forests, with activities involving the international exchange and social collaboration.

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